The power of house calls: Home visits for small business.

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My smartphone has changed my life. As a small business owner, being able to check my email, update orders, and research companies on the go is absolutely invaluable. Unfortunately, just because my phone is smart, it doesn’t necessarily imply that the user is. As a result, the smartphone is dropped. Repeatedly. And it cracks. Gets all scratched up. And occasionally, winds up in a puddle of water.

My most recent foray into smartphone idiocy came when the phone fell from my pocket…while I was riding a bicycle. “Great,” I thought, “now I have to go listen to the old ‘Crapple’ store song and dance.” Well, I was fed up. So, I decide to branch out this time. I found a small company that did phone repairs, and, WHAT’S THIS?!?! DOES HOUSE CALLS?!?! Don’t they know that my greatest joy in life is driving twenty minutes one way for a repair that takes sixty seconds? I soon changed my tone, however, when a courteous repair technician showed up at my front door, fixed my screen quickly, and charged me half as much as the geniuses downtown.

This visit got me thinking not just about how I should probably get a case that is idiot-proof, but also about how amazing this home visit was. It was the apex of customer service: someone came to my house – on my schedule – to help me solve a problem. In this case, the service ended up being less expensive than the brand name, but I probably would have paid more just for the convenience alone.

Specialty is an answering service, so we can’t make house calls. If we did, we would be your office receptionist. You’d high five us every morning when you walk into work and we’d give you coffee. But we’re not in your office. We work at our call center. However, if you have a small business that is house call capable (like physicians, veterinarians, computer repair technicians, and ), here are 2 compelling reasons why you should offer them:

Improved customer experience.

Go to the website for a company that does house calls. Seriously, take a second and see what the customer reviews say. They rave about the services, they rave about the affable repair people, and they rave about the company. When you break it down, the company’s services are really not so different: they perform a basic task, the repair technicians aren’t that much more courteous, and the prices are relatively similar. The only separation is the element of convenience.

This one factor can enhance a customer’s impression of your company in every facet. If you make home visits, customers will laud everything from your professionalism to your logo design to your brother-in-law’s new mustache. What does this have to do with home visits, you ask? Nothing, and that’s what makes home visits so awesome. They make everything seem better.

Increased sales.

Here is the exact thought process I went through when deciding to get my phone fixed: “Hmmm, this seems a little bit expensive for a third party repair company. Wait, they come to my house? When I want them to? Service charge, smervice charge; take my money already!”

‘Convenience trumps all when it comes to sales. If company A sells a product for ten dollars less than company B, but company B delivers it to your house and sets it up, which one would you prefer? What’s more, when a customer has a positive experience with your home visit services, they will tell their friends about it. Word of mouth is critical to the growth of small business.

So, go ahead. Turn your clients into your sales team, and start making house calls today!

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