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Specialty Answering Service App

Hello to all of the amazing small business owners of the world! Do you need to keep tabs on the calls you’re missing while grabbing a coffee at Starbucks? Need to change where your messages are being sent while you’re getting an executive manicure? Want to make sure Beth in sales knows you’ve already contacted Mr. Jones about the status of his custom faux fur t-shirt order? Specialty Answering Service’s new iPhone app can help.

Our new native iPhone app was built to be fast, easy to use, and give you all the benefits of our telephone answering service portal right in the palm of your hand. The app is secure, awesome, and free for all SAS customers.

Check out some of these amazing features, available to our customers right now, and all through the Specialty Answering Service mobile app:

  • View all of your inbound or outbound account activity, and filter it by date or by campaign
  • An easy swipe lets you listen to telephone calls after they’ve ended
  • Add notes and change the status of calls to keep your entire team in the know
  • Quickly reply to your customers via text, email, or telephone call with just one tap
  • On-demand reports let you track your usage, analyze where messages are being sent, and see which of your departments is getting the most action

And we’re already hard at work on some other features like:

  • The ability to set your timezone from within the app
  • Ability to search through any loaded calls to find your data easier

Download the new iPhone app today from the App Store.

14 days of free service awaits!


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