6 reasons to use an answering service while you’re on vacation

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When you imagine your summer vacation, do you hear the gentle sound of the waves being drowned out by the non-stop droning of your cell phone? Worrying about your customers while you’re trying to escape from reality will definitely put a damper on things. You know that even one missed call can have an impact on your bottom line. And that’s where your answering service comes in. Operators can ensure that no call will go unanswered, giving your valued customers the 24/7 attention they need.

If you’re on the fence about whether your business can function without you while you are cliff diving in Mallorca, then the list below will push you over the edge!

Top 6 Reasons You Should Use an Answering Service While on Vacation

  1. You have nothing to lose.

Even basic message taking is better than sending people to your voicemail. Most answering services offer a free trial, so you won’t need to pay to find out if it’s the right fit for your business.

  1. You can still connect with key customers.

Your answering service can program a script to transfer important calls to you such as large account holders, major sales leads, or emergency calls. There will be calls you just can’t afford to miss, and we will make sure you get those calls!

  1. Callers can be routed to your support staff.

Chances are that your entire company isn’t on vacation with you. So, we can route calls to the employees who are handling your accounts while you’re away, or contact specific departments such as Billing or Customer Service.

  1. You’re a click away from every detail.

Forget listening to voicemail and jotting down call details. If you’re using an answering service, there’s no need. Just log in to your message portal to see a line-by-line list of who called, when, and why.

  1. Your answering service can keep the ball rolling.

If you run a busy e-commerce business, an answering service can do everything you can do: order taking, returns, shipping info, customer care – it’s all possible. Then, you can take care of the backend details when you return.

  1. Setting appointments is a breeze.

As long as your calendar is accessible and operator-friendly, answering services can fill appointment slots and keep your schedule packed. After the jet lag wears off, you can get right back into the swing of things.

Before you schedule the vacation of your dreams, hire an answering service to field your calls. Get started on your free SAS trial today, and start packing!

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