‘Twas the customer service before Christmas.

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Santa on a Bike

‘Twas the customer service before Christmas, Specialty Answering Service’s phones ringing like mad
As customers ordered presents for mom, sis, and dad;

Their credit cards ready to fire at will
In hopes that the gifts would arrive before the bill;

The operators were glued firmly to their seats
While managers paced the halls and adjusted time sheets;

The shipping office was busy, no time for a nap
With box upon box that they needed to wrap;

When on the answering service floor there arose such a clatter
Staff sprang from their chairs to see what was the matter;

Away down the aisle management flew like a flash
Knocking down plants and the break room trash;

One happy worker exclaimed a loud, “Hello!”
As he greeted the customer like an experienced pro;

Even with the millionth call of the night
That agent remembered to be merry and bright;

Placing the order so lively and quick,
He smiled as his mouse went click click click click;

On the other line the customer did hear
That call center operator grinning from ear to ear;

Be patient, be friendly, be helpful and nice!
Now happy, now savvy, and always precise!

Every day of the year, spring summer or fall
In wintertime, too, good call center customer service to all!!

14 days of free service awaits!


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