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Receptionists of the world will tell you that the gold standard in telephone answer phrases is, “Thank you for calling [insert company name here], this is Jamie. How can I help you today?” Simple. Straightforward. Boring. Work is mundane enough without bringing such low expectations to the repetitive task of serving customers. But who says that you have to answer the phone the same way that millions of front office staff do every single day?

At Specialty Answering Service, we think that a little flair keeps the energy going, for you and customers. You’ll answer those calls like your job depends on it, and the buzz around the reception area will be all about what a fun place it must be to work. Any office that allows and encourages creativity is one that values the employee experience while cultivating an extraordinary atmosphere of customer care. To that end, we’ve come up with 20 industry-specific greetings that will get the ball rolling. Where it goes from here is entirely up to you.

#1 – Airline

“Thank you for flying Amazing Air, the sky’s the limit.”

#2 – Architecture

“It’s a wonderful day at Baxter Builders, your one stop shop for a home that won’t blow over.”

#3 – Auto Mechanic

“Thank you for calling What’s With My Car auto. There’s no noise we can’t decipher.”

#4 – Bakery

“You’ve reached Last But Not Yeast bakery, keeping gluten free relevant, one roll at a time.”

#5 – Dentist

“It’s a pearly white day at D Street Dental, where cavities run and hide.”

#6 – Dog Training Facility

“Thank you for calling It’s Not Your Dog, It’s You training arena, where we teach new owners how to speak puppy.”

#7 – Education

“The More You Know learning center, taking you from failing to fabulous in no time. This is Eduardo speaking.”

#8 – Electrician

“You’ve reached Zap It electrical, offering shockingly reasonable rates all year long.”

#9 – Electronics Repair

“You’ve reached That Darn Computer, experts in wheel of doom and blue screen of death repairs.”

#10 – Eye Doctor

“You have reached Eyes R Us – vision so clear, you’ll have eyes in the back of your head.”

#11 – Financial Institution

“You’ve reached Five Star Finance, where your investments pay our bills.”

#12 – Hair Salon

“Thank you for calling Your Real Hair salon, creating dynamic looks on a dollar store budget.”

#13 – HVAC

“Thank you for calling HVAC Professionals, where we’ve mastered the art of blowing hot and cold.”

#14 – Interior Design

“Thank you for calling Intelligent Interiors. Bring us your old and ugly, and we’ll give you rainbows and unicorns.”

#15 – Lawn Service

“It’s a great day at Larry’s Lawns, cultivating grass so perfect, you’ll think it’s turf.”

#16 – Lawyer

“Thank you for calling Mitchell and Mitchell criminal law. Ask us about our “I shot the sheriff but I didn’t shoot the deputy” complimentary consultation.”

#17 – Plumber

“It’s a beautiful day at Pacific Plumbing, where one man’s leak is another man’s livelihood.”

#18 – Podiatrist

“Welcome to Neighborhood Podiatry, where stinky feet are our business.”

#19 – Real Estate

“Thank you for calling Ready Real Estate, featuring an oven full of cookie dough with every open house.”

#20 – Tutor

“Thank you for calling Tudor Tutors, skilled experts in everything but gym class.”

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