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It’s tax season. So if you’re a tax accountant, then that means you’re probably waist-high in a flood of W-2s, phone calls and appointments with clients. With less than two months ’til that April 15th deadline, people are scrambling to get important documents together and find a tax professional to help them score a sizable return. When you’re running a one-man show, it’s not humanly possible to return calls, schedule appointments for prospective clients, and meet with existing clients simultaneously. But calculate this: signing up for an answering service can save you tons of time, reduce your stress level, and help you boost revenue by ensuring you never miss a call.

If you haven’t considered utilizing call center services to help support your accounting practice, then it’s time you reconsider. Here are a few of the benefits you’ve been missing out on:

  1. You’ll have time on your side. Think of how much time you spend just fielding calls. Those are minutes you could use to sort through the mound of paperwork staring you in the face.
  2. You won’t have to worry about your calendar. Operators can access your calendar and schedule appointments for you. That way, new clients won’t have to wait for a return call that you may not have time to make.
  3. You’ll keep that schedule packed. Answering services can make outbound reminder calls so that clients don’t forget that meeting with you is on their agenda for the day.
  4. You’ll enjoy an increase in profit. The more meetings you take, the more money you make!
  5. You’ll have peace of mind. 24-hour coverage gives you assurance that every call will be answered, no matter what the hour. Both prospective and current clients will love knowing that you are reachable around the clock.

So what are you waiting for? April 15th will be here before you know it. It’ll be easier to get by with a little help from an answering service!

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