August 2023 Release Notes – Premium Add-On’s, New Scripting Block, and More!

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We’ve just added some new features to enhance your answering service experience! Check out our release notes which include three premium add-on features, a new Company script block, and more!

Premium Add-On Features

  • On-Call Add-On: With the On-Call Add-On feature, users will have access to more on-call options, enhanced on-call reporting, and the ability to create back-up schedules.
  • Transcription Add-On: With the Transcription Add-On feature, users will be able to read a transcript of their recorded calls instead of listening. In order to utilize this feature, call recordings must be turned on within an account.
  • Live Calls Add-On: With the Live Calls Add-On feature, users  can see how many calls are currently waiting in queue, how many are currently being handled, and listen to calls – all in real time!

General Web Portal

  • Call Type: A Call Type has been added to the top ribbon of the Call Details page showing the call type (e.g, inbound, callback, queue callback, etc.).
  • Call Recordings: If a call type is any of the callback options, there will be an alert letting users know that call recordings are not available for those call types.
  • Blocking Numbers: The ability to block a number from the SMS Messages log has been added.


  • Non-Message Alert: A Non-Message alert option has been added within a Profile’s Contact Methods where a preformatted text message which includes the non-message call classification, the agent comment, and the Caller ID will be sent for non-message calls.

Scripting Updates

  • Notes: The ability to add notes within the Warm Transfer and Warm Transfer Collector scripting blocks has been added.
  • Restrict Content: The Restrict Content feature has been added to the Free Text block.
  • Outcomes: When adding new outcomes within the script workflow, users can select the color right from the block without having to change the color through Settings.
  • Company Block: A Company script block has been added which includes the option to collect the caller’s company, website, job title and department.
  • Onboarding Wizard: Within the Onboarding Wizard, Phone and Website fields both copy to Google Maps.

Amazing Tips

New features are great, but knowing how to use old features are even better! Check out some great tips below for how to get the most out of features we’ve deployed in earlier releases you may not have known about:

  • Recorded Transfers: The ability to toggle if you want to continue to record calls after they’ve been transferred has been added under the Record your Calls section within Number Settings.
  • Ability to Dial Customers After a Reach: For customers who are using either the Recording or Text to Speech Reach Message options, we’ve added the ability for the user to press 2 after the message has finished playing to dial the caller back using their Caller ID.
  • SAS Flex Mobile App: If you haven’t already, take a moment to download our free mobile app for iPhone and Android users to manage your messages in real time.

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