Evaluate businesses from the customer’s perspective.

Business Evaluation Discussion

Do you think your business is running smoothly? How about your customer service department? Is it exceptional? Are your employees representing your business in a positive light? If you aren’t 100% sure about the answers to these questions, then as a business owner, it’s your job to find out. If you want to know what your customers are experiencing, experience it for yourself. What better way to address any issues that may send potential customers off to your competitors?

Here’s what to do: Pretend you are a secret shopper and make test calls or initiate a pseudo-purchase. Download our business evaluation form (.XLS format) and go through the entire buying or service process to evaluate your interactions with staff at every turn. Afterwards, see how the interaction scored and bring any problems you uncovered to the attention of team leaders and employees. Then, take the time to find resolutions that work. Rinse. Repeat.

Not all of these questions are included in the evaluation form, but keep all of these points in mind as you interact with your staff:

  1. When you called, did you reach a live operator, or were you sent directly to voicemail?
  2. If you were sent to voicemail, how did the message sound? Was it clear and friendly?
  3. If you reached a live operator, how did the representative answer the phone? Were they enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming?
  4. Did the representative thank you for calling, or thank you for your business/purchase, etc.?
  5. Did the representative confirm the necessary information to make the changes you requested?
  6. Was the representative knowledgeable?
  7. Was everything resolved in a timely fashion?
  8. Was the purchasing, technical support, or appointment scheduling process smooth?
  9. If you had a service issue, did the representative apologize, take full responsibility for the problem and assure you that the issue would be addressed?
  10. Did the representative explain possible causes for your issue, or try to help you troubleshoot any technical problems?
  11. If they did not know how to assist you, was your call transferred to someone who could?
  12. Did the representative speak professionally, clearly and confidently?
  13. Did the representative listen to you completely before responding, or did they talk over you?
  14. How was the billing process? Simple or complex?
  15. If it was an online purchase, was the website easy to navigate?
  16. Was there anything about the website that bothered you? Can you think of ways to improve it?
  17. While online, did you engage in live chat? What was the process like, and how quickly did you receive a response?
  18. If you sent an email to service or support, how many hours (or days) went by before you received a response?

These are only some of the things to consider when reviewing how your business appears from the customer’s perspective. As the saying goes, walk a mile in another’s shoes. You just might learn something that can help strengthen your image and improve every customer’s experience!

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