March 2024 Release Notes – New Add-On, Settings Revamp, and more!

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We’ve just added some new features to enhance your answering service experience! Check out our release notes which includes a new add-on feature, a revamp of our Settings page, new number features, and more!

Premium Add-On Features

  • Queue Voicemail Add-On: This feature gives users the ability to alter the Press 1 Callback feature to include a prompt for callers to press 9 to leave a voicemail. Voicemails will be visible within the call log and can be emailed to up to 5 email addresses. If both Voicemail and Transcription add-ons are activated, the email received for queue voicemail will include a transcription of the voicemail.
  • Reporting: New reporting has been added for the Premium Live Call add-on feature.


  • Settings: Relish in the power of Settings with a refreshed UI and new number configuration options! Enjoy more control over when your greetings and callbacks are active, add pronunciation hints, and whisper important instructions to operators.
  • Number Settings: Upon saving changes to a number that is assigned to a script or Advanced IVR, a pop-up will appear allowing users to listen to all upfront greetings, played in the order in which your callers will hear them.
  • Holidays: Within Holiday settings, users have the ability to enable public holidays which will automatically populate all public holidays for the current year.
  • Security Pin: Within Account Settings, users now have the ability to create and activate a PIN to lock sensitive areas of their account from agents.
  • FAQs: Users now have the ability to mark an FAQ as “popular” which will add a star next to the FAQ in the operator view.
  • Callback: In both Press 1 Callback and Queue Callback systems, users now have the ability to select the active timeframe by hour and day of the week in addition to the original settings.
  • Press 1 Callback: If Press 1 Callback is activated, users have the ability to activate an SMS feature which will send a confirmation text to the caller after they’ve pressed 1 for a callback.
  • Greeting: In the Front End Greeting section of Number Settings, users can select specific hours and days for after hours greetings to play.
  • Whisper: In Number Settings, users now have the ability to configure agent whisper greetings, both for company pronunciations and agent instructions.
  • Periodic Announcements: In the Announcements section of Number Settings, users can now offer callbacks in between each announcement.
  • On-Call: In the On-Call section of Number Settings, users utilizing our automatic Reach On-Call system can configure additional settings:
    • On-call press 2 dial: In a Recording or TTS type reach, your staff has the option of pressing 2 to dial the caller back directly. This section will allow you to change the caller ID that appears on the caller’s phone upon the call back.
    • Reach confirmation: In a Recording or TTS type reach, staff members will be prompted to press 1 to accept the message. You can change this setting to DTMF and voice to give the caller the option to either press 1 or say 1 to accept the message.


  • Workflow (Round Robin) Block: A new script block has been created which can evenly distribute calls among staff members without having the operator choose at random.
  • Alerts on Script Blocks: New alerts have been added on scripting blocks to ensure operator instructions are as clear and succinct as possible.
  • Lunch and Holiday Closings: Users now have the ability to set Lunch and Holiday closings within Reach and Cold Transfer script blocks.

Amazing Tips

New features are great, but knowing how to use old features are even better! Check out some great tips below for how to get the most out of features we’ve deployed in earlier releases you may not have known about:

  • Non-Message Alert: A Non-Message alert option has been added within a Profile’s Contact Methods where a preformatted text message which includes the non-message call classification, the agent comment, and the Caller ID will be sent for non-message calls.
  • Ability to Stop a Reach – If you’re using our automated reach on-call feature, you’ll now have the ability to stop a reach right from the portal without having to accept the phone call or SMS message. If you’re in the portal while a reach is active, you can stop it from the top of the call dashboard and on the call itself.
  • Hold my Calls: A new feature has been added within the Profiles tab that allows users to hold their calls if they are using the Warm Transfer block within their script. This feature controls your warm transfer availability.  If this feature is turned on, agents will not be able to transfer calls during the timeframe you’ve set. You may want transfers to be held for company meetings, early closures, or any other time you’re too tied up to take calls!

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