Infographic: Everything you wanted to know about call centers.

Call center statistics

Did you know that call centers handle about 70% of all business interactions, and manage approximately 46 billion inbound calls a year? They are some pretty big numbers, and those statistics are the reason why your business turned to a call center to help you manage customer service concerns.

It all comes down to experience and accuracy. When you call a company for assistance, which would you prefer? Speaking with an empathetic operator, or having your issue resolved on the first try? As our infographic shows, if you’re a call center operator, then 82% of the time, precision trumps empathy (which only scored 38% in terms of importance). With thousands of call centers across the world managing 70% of business telecom, it might interest you to know a bit more about how they work.

Take a closer look at everything you never knew you always wanted to know about call center services, and find out how many centers are located in your state! The way that customers interact with call centers changes on a daily basis. Fortunately, Specialty Answering Service makes outsourcing easy. So easy that you’ll never need to worry about the changing landscape of customer interaction or what communication channel to focus on. However business communication evolves, one thing that will never change is the need for exceptional outsourcing experiences for you and your customers.

Call Centers Infographic

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