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Bad Receptionist Yelling Through the Phone

Is your receptionist scaring potential customers away? Maybe it's time to upgrade to a professional live answering service. Check out this bad customer service video of a call center rep yelling at a customer over the phone!

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What Is Agent Assisted Automation

The job of a virtual assistant is never easy. Imagine dealing with hundreds of calls a day, often for similar issues, and having to repeat yourself over and over. It would be maddening. That's where Agent Assisted Automation comes in - using pre-recorded audio, desktop integrations and tools to make an operator's…

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Call Center Headsets

Headsets are a call center's best friend, providing clear communication and a hands free experience for customer care representatives. Originally invented in 1910, they make it possible for operators to talk and listen without having to hold a telephone receiver, which can get in the way of speedy customer service. Headsets usually…

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Girl in call center

Did you know that call centers handle about 70% of all business interactions, and manage approximately 46 billion inbound calls a year? They are some pretty big numbers, and those statistics are the reason why your business turned to a call center to help you manage customer service concerns. It all comes…

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Small Business Kids

I once heard a burgeoning entrepreneur compare the market for small business owners to the recording industry. "Imagine Taylor Swift," he said; "she can crank out mega-hit after mega-hit because she's got a team of people working together to help create her image, and her sound. They figure out all of the…

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