Infographic: Agent assisted automation.

Agent Assisted Automation

The job of a virtual assistant is never easy. Imagine dealing with hundreds of calls a day, often for similar issues, and having to repeat yourself over and over. It would be maddening. That’s where Agent Assisted Automation comes in – using pre-recorded audio, desktop integrations and tools to make an operator’s life easier. The infographic below will give you the scoop!

Agent Assisted Automation Infographic

Technology is great – but no matter how advanced, an answering service is only as good as the people manning the phones. Agent Assisted Automation gives agents every opportunity for successful call handling by putting all of the necessary resources at their fingertips. Transactions are smoother, agents have less to stress about, and callers are happier – which means a healthier bottom line for your business!

If you run your own call center, love call centers, or are just a telecommunications nerd and are interested in learning more than what our infographic can offer, please check out our extended resource on agent assisted automation.

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