Infographic explaining what is PBX.

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The advent of the Private Automatic Branch Exchange, PABX or PBX for short, brought an end to the need for switchboard operators and manual cord circuit connections.

PBXs enabled intercommunication between central office lines at an organization with a large number of telephones, and connected outgoing calls to the PSTN via trunk lines. PBXs were advantageous for their cost savings aspect. With shared access to a company’s telephony resources, there was no longer a need for individual PSTN lines for each user.

Eventually, cool features such as voicemail, call waiting, and three-way calling were added. Then, when the technology went digital, we got call forwarding, conference calling, caller ID, and more. Every time you bail when you see your mother in law’s number pop up on your phone, you can thank your lucky stars that PABX affords the luxury of call screening!

PBX Equipment Infographic

PBX makes it possible for you and your coworkers to communicate with ease (perhaps a negative), saves money (definitely a positive), and can help you steer clear of your pesky in-laws and exes, and a whole cluster of other people you do your best to avoid (major bonus). It’s pure genius.

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