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Learn What is PBX

The advent of the Private Automatic Branch Exchange, PABX or PBX for short, brought an end to the need for switchboard operators and manual cord circuit connections. PBXs enabled intercommunication between central office lines at an organization with a large number of telephones, and connected outgoing calls to the PSTN via trunk…

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Learn more about Asterisk

Asterisk is more than just a pretty symbol you can use to bleep out foul language. It’s also software! Created in 1999 by Mark Spencer of Digium, Asterisk is an open source framework that turns regular computers into communications servers. That makes them able to interact with attached telephone lines and networks…

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Compare PBX Providers

What’s worse than researching PBX providers for your new office telephone system? Deciding on a new PBX phone system without referencing our easy to follow infographic for one! We love business phone systems; especially when those systems route to our call centers when your own staff is unavailable. Shameless plug for our…

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