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Catching a Fish

You’re a marketing Guru. Your work is awesome. You’re attracting prospects. They call and you extol the virtues of what makes you the best choice for them. The concept is easy. Getting the potential customer to buy in isn’t always. It would be great if you had some help, and that’s what the right answering service can do for you.

When you partner with a telephone answering service for lead capture services, you are getting a live operator, 24-hour, direct line to increased revenue. Here’s a look at a list of features essential to every top notch lead capture service:

  • Custom scripting: It helps the call center receptionist steer the caller towards a purchase, a scheduled appointment, or whatever factors are key to industry growth.
  • Patching: Warm transfer places each lead directly into your lap, ensuring that you won’t miss an opportunity as a result of the caller reaching your voicemail, then calling up your competitors.
  • Bonding time: One-on-one time with call center management serves to emphasize the points you want to drive home during each call.
  • You are the trainer: Learning from and absorbing your marketing style via personalized operator training gives them an in-depth knowledge of your business that will result in closing more sales.
  • Having your back: While your office staff may not be able to manage the high call volume of special promotions or direct response marketing, your call center can.
  • Saves time: Lead details can be entered directly into your CRM via a web-to-lead or web-to-case function.
  • We are you: Using your FAQs, operators can provide current and prospective customers with information about products, services, pricing, special financing, or whatever your particular needs may be.
  • Quality first: Quality control efforts continuously review operator’s in-call performance as well as review your script for areas that may require minor adjustments to maintain proper call flow.

When you consider how critical new leads are to your business, while simultaneously recognizing the importance of cultivating the relationships you have with existing customers, it makes working with a lead capture service a no-brainer. 24-hour live operator call center support translates to happier customers, and in turn, an improved bottom line.

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