Learn how a bad receptionist made a baby cry.

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Bad Call Center Order Taking

Imagine that you are speaking with a customer service representative to place a balloon order for your kid’s first birthday. Everything seems to go smoothly, so you hang up, certain that the order will be delivered just in time for little Joey’s big day. All the guests arrive, the party starts, and instead of balloons, the delivery guy shows up with a new toilet. Little Joey bursts into tears, and the upbeat, party vibe quickly deflates. What went wrong?

Whether you’re a customer calling an answering service or the client who hired an answering service, every interaction needs to be flawless. Don’t flush your business down the toilet with a bad call handling.

If you don’t want to turn a perfect balloon moment into an unexpected toilet delivery, try Specialty Answering Service for free, and give great customer service a whirl.

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