March 2022 Release Notes – Updated SMS Messages, New Callback Options, and More!

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March has been a busy month here at SAS. In between finalizing our March Madness brackets, we’ve also been working on SAS Flex platform updates and rolling out new features based on feedback we’ve gotten from customers and staff alike.  Check out our March 2022 release notes which includes an updated way to view and respond to SMS messages, tons of new ways to configure your numbers, and more!

General Portal Updates

  • Blocking Callers: Nusiance callers? You can now block numbers right from the Call Details page.

  • New SMS Messages View: On the left-hand navigation panel within your portal, there is a new icon where you can view and respond to SMS Messages.

Number Settings Updates

  • Queue Announcements: Activate Queue Announcements which will play in between queue music loops while the caller is waiting for an agent, e.g., “Thank you for your patience. We will answer your call shortly.” Want to mix it up, you can add up to 10 – we’ll choose what to play randomly each time the queue music loops.

  • No Greeting: If you don’t want your callers to hear an upfront greeting when they call, select the No Greeting option. However, we always suggest using a customer Front End Greeting so callers know they’ve reached the right place!

  • Recorded Transfers: The ability to toggle if you want to continue to record calls after they’ve been transferred has been added under the Record your Calls section.

  • Business and After Hours Greetings: If you want callers to hear a different Front End Greeting depending on when they call, activate the Business and After Hours Greeting option within your Number Settings.

  • No Caller Callback: If you have our Callback or Queue Callback option activated, you can also activate No Caller Callback. This will allow our system to try calling the caller back if they didn’t answer on the first attempt.

Scripting Updates

  • Dynamic Reach: The ability to Send Messages to Profile have been added to the Dynamic option within the Reach Script Block.

  • Agent Notes: Most Script Blocks have the ability to add a note for the agent using the ‘Add note’ checkbox.
  • General Workflow: The Script Workflow view has been economized so it’s capping off text after 3 lines. This will make it easier to review scripts that include a lot of text. In addition, a Search function has been added to the top of the Workflow view so users can search for specific Script Blocks being used within the Workflow.

Amazing Tips

New features are great, but knowing how to use old features are even better! Check out some great tips below for how to get the most out of features we’ve deployed in earlier releases you may not have known about.

  • Ability to Dial Customers After a Reach: For customers who are using either the Recording or Text to Speech Reach Message options, we’ve added the ability for the user to press 2 after the message has finished playing to dial the caller back using their Caller ID.
  • Ability to create custom Email Templates: Within Profiles, users now have the ability to create custom Email templates as well as custom SMS templates.
  • Queue Music: Want your customers to hear a ringing phone instead of music while they wait for an agent? Select the newly added Telephone Ringing option from the Queue Music drop down from your Number Settings.

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