May 2023 Release Notes – New Scripting Workflow, Updated On-Call, and More!

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It’s a new month, which means we’ve deployed new and improved updates to better enhance your SAS Flex experience. Check out our May 2023 release notes which includes a new script and on-call layout, updated scripting tools, and a brand new feature for holding your calls!

General Web Portal 

  • On-Call: A new on-call view has been rolled out which includes user friendly color-blocking and step by step instructions. Scheduling on-call rotations has never been easier!
  • FAQs: Deleting FAQ Categories will no longer delete the FAQs associated with it. Now, all FAQs associated with a deleted Category will show as Unassigned.
  • Profiles: An updated Profile view has been rolled out, including user friendly color-blocking and easy to use notification toggles.
  • Hold my Calls: A new feature has been added within the Profiles tab that allows users to hold their calls if they are using the Warm Transfer block within their script. This feature controls your warm transfer availability.  If this feature is turned on, agents will not be able to transfer calls during the timeframe you’ve set. You may want transfers to be held for company meetings, early closures, or any other time you’re too tied up to take calls!
  • News Feed: Want to be alerted when new updates get pushed out to Flex? Check out the News Feed feature within your portal to see what’s new!

Scripting Updates

  • Builder: A new Script Builder view has been rolled out which includes updates to script blocks, sections, and the workflow itself. Editing scripts has never been easier!
  • Content Restriction: A new option has been added to both the Phone Number and Email script block that allows you to input restricted content that if entered, will display an error to the agent. This feature can be used to help deter agents from entering fake information like “none@none.com” or your business’s caller ID.
  • Trigger Block: A new Trigger block has been added  which allows an agent to send data to or on behalf of the caller before the end of the workflow.
  • Callback Greetings: Users now have the ability to customize their callback greetings.
  • Workflow (Path): The Workflow (Path) block now has an added evaluation for ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ on each decision set.

Amazing Tips

New features are great, but knowing how to use old features are even better! Check out some great tips below for how to get the most out of features we’ve deployed in earlier releases you may not have known about:

  • Google Calendar: Additional Frequency and Earliest Options have been added to the Google Calendar app.
  • Date/Time Blocks: The Date/Time block now has a new option option where agents will be able to select “Anytime” as an option if the caller doesn’t want to provide a specific date or time for an appointment.
  • Required Blocks: Required script blocks will stand out more to agents with a new Required label that will apply once the Required field has been checked off.

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