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Working in a call center can be stressful. However, it does come with it’s fair share of perks, like being able to speak to people all over the world and not having to take any work home with you when your shift is up.

To help put you in the shoes (or headset) of a virtual receptionist, we interviewed Krystle M., one of our long time answering service agents. Keep reading to hear some great stories and to get amazing tips for beginners on how to survive working at a call center.

Krystle - Your SAS Virtual Receptionist


1. Tell us a little about yourself, Krystle. 

I am one of the operators at SAS and have been working in the answering service industry for 10 years.

2. What’s your favorite part of being a customer service representative?

Being able to speak to people all over the United States.

3. Is it hard to talk on the phone when you get home?

Yes. I usually don’t answer calls at home, I only text.

4. Have you ever lost your voice from talking on the phone so much?

No, but my throat gets really dry, so I drink a lot of water all day.

5. What’s the hardest part(s) of working in a call center?

As in any other job, you can’t please everyone.

6. How do you handle stressful situations at work? (e.g., upset callers, being on the phone all day, etc.)

I just get up from my station and take a break to collect myself.

7. Describe the strangest call you’ve ever received at work.

I had a person call swearing someone was playing a prank on her by throwing dog feces all over her yard. Then she said that she has all of these holes all over my yard. Well come to find out she had her lawn aerated.

8. What’s the most awkward way a company has asked you to answer their phones?

“Sexual addiction hotline how may I help you?”

9. On average, how many different companies do you think you represent each day?


10. In 10 words or less, how would you describe the work environment in a call center?

Roller coaster of emotions.

11. Do you have any tips on keeping a good tone throughout your shift?

Getting an angry tone won’t make anything better, so try to calm the situation.

12. What kind of advice would you give to a new hire?

Don’t take any calls personal.

13. Is it hard not to laugh if someone gives you a funny email address?

No, I keep it professional.

14. What do you do in between taking phone calls?

Check over accounts to make sure there is nothing that needs to be done.

15. What’s your favorite snack to eat at work?


16. What do you do when you’re not sure how to answer a caller’s question?

I just apologize to them and explain that I am the receptionist and not qualified to answer their particular question.

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