Our Commitment to Your Business During COVID-19

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Thank you so much for entrusting your small businesses calls to Specialty Answering Service. We take the responsibility of being your answering service provider very seriously, ensuring we deliver amazing interactions, every day.

We are actively monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and wanted to take a moment to share our Business Continuity plan with you.

As a telephone answering service and call center leader, we are honored to partner with thousands of businesses throughout the US and the world, providing reliable 24/7 customer service and sales support to power your growth. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19, we are expecting to deliver the same level of amazing 24 hour customer service our clients have come to expect. We have the following measures in place to ensure your continued success with Specialty Answering Service:

Availability of our call center staff

Specialty Answering Service’s call centers and call center partners have employees in all departments who work remotely, as well as on-premise employees at the call center and answering service locations. Call center agents are equipped with technology that allows them to interact with your customers in a secure environment while working remotely. Through VPN technology and cloud based call center systems, our agents are able to represent your business 24/7, regardless of their location or the status of their physical work environment. We feel confident in our ability to provide you the level of continuity you would expect from a top answering service provider.

Availability of our software

For those customers that rely on our answering service mobile app or our online portal to monitor your account activity, our technical platforms are cloud based and built on enterprise level platforms like AWS, Twilio, Asterisk, and others. If there are failures in our systems, we have DevOps engineers available 24/7 to remotely troubleshoot.  For other technical service providers, such as the platforms our customer service team uses to track tickets, we partner with organizations that have always been forward thinking.

Thank you for entrusting your business to Specialty Answering Service. We are grateful for the role we play in your business and are as committed as we’ve always been to ensuring your success. We wish you safety and wellness during this challenge.

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