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Call Routing Infographic

Way back in the day, before automatic call distribution technologies evolved, calls used to be manually routed by operators working massive switchboards – so gigantor and with so many lines that many switchboard supervisors had to wear roller skates to get around faster! Sadly, the days of roller skating supervisors are long…

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Review Call Center Software

Call Center software, also known as contact center software, is the technology that call centers and answering services use to not only route and answer calls, but to also provide your callers with exceptional customer support. Call center software allows calls to be routed to the appropriate distribution (think "press 1 for…

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Review ACD Software

Did you ever wonder how your customer service calls are instantly transferred to the right person or department, and all you have to do is say a word or two? Behold the magic of Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD for short. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, including call center operators. Let's say that Alberto…

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