Infographic: ACD software provider review.

Call Center ACD Software Review

Did you ever wonder how your customer service calls are instantly transferred to the right person or department, and all you have to do is say a word or two? Behold the magic of Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD for short.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, including call center operators. Let’s say that Alberto is great with billing, Charlie is a technical support wizard, and Danielle is the master of sales. ACD systems, in conjunction with Interactive Voice Response, ensure that you reach the operator who can best serve your needs. They are an invaluable tool for call center success. We’ve outlined ACD basics below and compared the 4 most popular providers.

Compare ACD Providers Infographic

ACD’s reporting capabilities can analyze call patterns, take stock of operators’ performance, help call centers figure out how many people to have on shift at any given time, and more! Sure, these systems will see to it that your call is transferred to the right person – but they are also designed to answer certain questions with the use of a call attendant, giving operators a little breathing room. With less hold times, calls are handled lickety-split, customers are happier, and agents waste less time managing simple queries. Who knew all of that power was packed into 3 little letters?

If you’re looking for more information beyond what our infographic can offer, check out the full ACD provider comparison here.

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