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Pigeon Carrying A Letter

Every day, thousands of innocent carrier pigeons die in drone accidents. Start saving lives today and use Specialty Answering Service. Save a pigeon. Save your business.

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Overwhelmed small business owner

Jane is an amazing small business owner, but she can't do everything. Between answering her phones and responding to emails, she has no time to WOW new customers. The result: Jane is struggling with managing her small business and Mr. Jefferson bails on their scheduled meeting. But what if she was using…

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Easter Bunny Outsources to SAS

Put all of your customer service eggs into one affordable basket. Specialty Answering Service has a handle on your small business needs, and we won’t crack under pressure. Check out our latest commercial and see how egg-cellent customer service and phone call outsourcing helps the Easter Bunny run his global enterprise.

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Business owner talking on phone

When the sky is falling, SAS ignites small business owners productivity, and shields their reputation for excellence. Specialty Answering Service offers out of this world solutions for asteroid-sized business problems. Get the help you need to get away from your desk. Check out our latest ad about how outsourcing can prevent accidents…

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Group of small busnesses

At SAS, connecting businesses to their customers is our first priority. We want to wow your customers over any channel and at any hour, going way beyond just answering phones. We can help growing companies deliver amazing customer service with a powerful array of outsourcing options that would make any small business…

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