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Flawless Customer Interaction

 Almost every company outsourcing to a live answering service uses some form of on-call dispatching for their after hours or business hours calls that require immediate attention. And why not! Businesses don't want to drop the ball on potential sales, and customers with urgent requests don't want to be left waiting…

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On-Call Clock

Having a bullet-proof on-call scheduling system is a crucial part of many service industry businesses with 24/7 availability. For example, medical practices need to be available around the clock for urgent health issues, HVAC and plumbing companies need to be available in the event of plumbing or heating emergencies, towing companies need…

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Doctor On-Call Talking On Phone

If you're not familiar with the lingo, on-call (also spelled oncall or on call) refers to a system or protocol for contacting an employee or group of employees who are available, if necessary, for work and/or communication after business hours. Answering services use on-call systems to deliver messages to specific employees. If…

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Call Center Scheduling Software

Stressing out over updating your on-call schedule? Great news! The SAS on-call schedule creator makes building reach, warm patch, cold patch, and email on-call work schedules a breeze. Keep reading to get the scoop on 4 cool features that come stock with our call center scheduling tool and build your rotations like a pro!…

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