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Batman & Robin On The Bat Phone

Here at Specialty Answering Service, phones are our livelihood. We believe having a live receptionist answering your calls does more than elevate a business - it becomes inseparable from great customer service. This idea carries over to film and television where iconic phones become part of the story. Whether it's Batman's Batphone…

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Dialing a Business Phone

If you use an answering service, then you're probably familiar with call forwarding and how it works. However, if you've never used one before or are new to outsourcing - surprise - you're going to need to know how to call forward. Since call forwarding is essential to using an answering service,…

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Sports Illustrated Football Phone

As an answering service, we're obviously way into phones and the technology behind how they work. Since Super Bowl LII (go birds!) is coming up, we tried to see how we could incorporate phones with football. We thought about the technology that allows the quarterback to talk to the coach via his…

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