16 of the Funniest Wrong Number Calls from Movie & Television

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Wrong numbers stink, and in some cases, can be a straight up nightmare. Below are 16 seriously funny examples of wrong numbers from movies and television.  Stop letting wrong numbers get the upper hand and wreak havoc on your day!

#1. Specialty Answering Service: Real Video of a Threatening Wrong Number

Watch as this small business owner gets harassed by a threatening wrong number.

#2. The Simpsons: The Lottery

Homer could have won the lottery had Bart given him the right numbers. Doh!

#3 The Simpsons: Don’t Interrupt Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns was interrupted from his meeting with Homer to answer a wrong number call. How dare they call the wrong number!

#4. Seinfeld: Vandelay Industries

As a ploy to extend his unemployment, George makes up a fake company under the name of Vandelay Industries and tells the unemployment office he’s close to a job with them. In order to follow through with the ploy, he gives them Jerry’s apartment phone number as their main office number so he can intercept the impending call. However, Kramer answers instead and tells them they have the wrong number.

#5. The Carol Burnett Show: Was That a Sign?

Due to a “wrong number” call in the middle of the night, Martha assumed that her husband was having an affair. Turns out he was!

#6. The Simpsons: Wrong Number

After Homer receives a seemingly urgent phone call, he brushes it off to Marge as a wrong number. Hmm..

#7. The Amanda Show: Prank Call

Mr. Oldman, the victim of countless wrong number pranks is again at the mercy of Moofin Doofin Wrecking Company. Will his house be spared this time?

#8. Family Guy: Wrong Numbers in the Early Days

Peter receives a wrong number in the early days of telephones. The caller meant to reach number “7”, but accidentally dialed “3”.

#9. Family Guy: 401-555-1125

Expecting an important package, Peter expresses his concern about giving his cell phone number to his housekeeper due to the language barrier.

#10. Spongebob Squarepants: Not the Navy!

Chaos ensues at the Krusty Krab and Spongebob is ordered to call the Navy, only to find out that they may have been overrun by robots.

#11. Friends: I’m Looking for Bob

After Chandler gets a wrong number call from a woman looking for her ex-lover, Bob, he pretends to be the woman’s love interest in hopes of getting lucky.

#12. Hey Arnold: Stop Calling Me!

Helga tries to enlist the help of Phoebe only to discover she’s called a restaurant instead. Later on, Harold also tries to call his mother and accidentally calls the same restaurant.

#13. Mr. Bean: Wrong Number

Mr. Bean helps a lost child search for his father. However, since they are missing the last digits of his phone number, Mr. Bean decides to write out and try every possible option.

#14. SNL: Wrong Number Breakup

Pete tries to break up with his girlfriend, Paula, but accidentally calls Carleen instead.

#15. Kids in the Hall: Is Frank There?

In an attempt to locate the man that has stolen his woman, Steve “2 phones” Macabee keeps dialing the wrong number and insists that he speak with Frank.

#16. Barnyard: Hello Motto

Otis accepts a call from the gopher gang leader during an important meeting, but blames it on a wrong number.

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