Top 5 reasons you know you need an answering service.

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Busy Office Receptionist
  1. Your receptionist is suffering from PTSD – post-telephone stress disorder – as she struggles to manage the ridiculous number of calls you are receiving during business hours.
  2. Your voicemail box is so full, the little greeting that says this voicemail box is full doesn’t even come on anymore.
  3. Your callers have a better chance of getting ahold of someone at 3 a.m., when your IT staff is in doing overnight system updates.
  4. Your phone bill is so high, there’s nothing left in the budget for toilet paper.
  5. Your idea of a lunch break is chomping down on a tic-tac between telephone rings.

In all seriousness, whether you are running a small business or an enterprise-level corporation, the benefits of having a telephone answering service at your side are significant. With 24-hour live operator service, you will never miss a call or an opportunity to charm a prospective customer, and moreover, your in-house staff will finally have the time to attend to the tasks that keep your office running like a well-oiled machine.

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