Using our answering service? 25 uses for your old phone.

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25 ways to use old phones

Now that you are using the world’s most professional answering service, what do you do with your old phones? Here are 25 uses.

1. Use the cord as a picture hanger.

Phone cord picture hanger

2. Uncap the ends from the receiver, fill with marbles, put the ends back on, and use as a dumbbell.

Phones as weights

3. Take the ends off the receiver and make it into a planter.

Making a planter with a phone

4. Use it to hold your pencils and pens.

Phone receiver pencil holder

5. Pretend the receiver is a laser gun and shoot down imaginary aliens!

Phone as a ray gun

6. Use the base as a support for a table with a busted leg.

Phone holding up desk

7. See how far you can throw it in a shot put contest.

Phone as a shot put

8. Use the cord to booby trap your office door. No one will bother you again!

Phone cord tripwire

9. In case of fire, tie some cords together and use them as an emergency exit rope.

Phone cord as a fire escape

10. Stretch out the cord and use it as a clothesline.

Phone cord clothlesline

11. Hurl the receiver and see if it will come back to you like a boomerang. If it does, duck!

Phone boomerang

12. Use two phones as bookends.

Phone equipment as bookends

13. Dress up like Batman, paint the phone red, and pretend it’s the Batphone.

Red batman phone

14. Put it in a time capsule.

A phone in a time capsule

15. Give it to E.T. Maybe he can use it to phone home.

Use phone to call ET

16. Lean a recipe book in front of it while you’re cooking.

Phone holding up cook book

17. Give it to a local theater company for their prop collection.

Phone used in a play

18. String a few cords together and use them as a jump rope.

Phone cord jump rope

19. Use two receivers as supports for doing push-ups.

Phone as push up bars

20. Uncap the ends from the receiver, fill with rice, put the ends back on, and use as a maraca. Ole!

Phone receiver as a maraca

21. Use the receiver and cord as a pretend microphone.

Phone receiver as a microphone

22. Mail it to your mother-in-law with a note that says, “Don’t Call Us. We’ll Call You.”

Phone with note to mother in law

23. Remove the keypad and adhere it to your office’s exterior. People will think you have an alarm system.

Phone keypad alarm system

24. Keep it on your desk. Then, pick up the receiver when your boss walks by and pretend you’re working.

Fake phone call

25. Whip up some pasta dough and use the receiver as a spaghetti extruder.

Phone receiver pasta extruder

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