We’re celebrating ‘I Love You’ with new features in our portal!

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February Portal Features

At Specialty Answering Service, we love every customer. We could be super traditional and send boxes of chocolates and little candy hearts to you, but we’re way more digital. We’re celebrating our Valentine’s Love for our clients with new features in our portal. If you already have access to our newest portal, you’ve already been enjoying these caramel delights since about 9:00 AM this morning. This month, we’ve made some cosmetic changes, made it easy to have our answering service agents make outbound telephone calls, and beefed up the self-service experience with walkthroughs and videos.

Outbound calling app

Our customers rely on SAS to be an amazing virtual receptionist service, but did you know we can make outbound telephone calls, too? Before today, the on-boarding process to load and initiate calls was cumbersome. Now, with Specialty Answering Service’s outbound calling app, you can easily configure and initiate outbound calls. You can create HTML forms to place on your website that will trigger outbound calls from SAS instantly after your users click submit, generate XML code to set up your own outbound calling triggers, load individual outbound calls, or upload up to 300 calls per day directly into our system. Now the power of outbound telephone calls for telemarketing, appointment reminders, and instant lead contact are available on-demand, and at your fingertips.

To access this new feature, click on the Outbound Calling App in the Apps section of your SAS portal.

Walkthroughs, helpers, and videos added to pages

If you’re having trouble understanding how to use the tools you have available on any portal page, click on the Help for this page button in the upper left corner of the page. This will take you on a step-by-step journey through that particular page. The walkthroughs are available on most of the portal pages, with more coming soon.

If you don’t have time for a walkthrough, don’t worry. We know you’re busy. Look on any page and you’ll notice blue question marks scattered about. Hover over these for a second and they’ll explain what something is or how to use it. Many of these will also have links to more resources to give you an extra hand.

Maybe you’re a visual learner. We have you covered, too. You’ll see videos alongside many of the pop-ups throughout the website. Give these a look-see for some great tips on how to make basic changes or how to engage in advanced programming with no fear.

FAQs are easier to edit

We’ve added some editing features to the FAQ and Objection sections. When the page loads, you’ll see the FAQs just as our operators would. Click on any FAQ to edit it, or go ahead and add a new one, and you’ll have one-click ability to add line breaks, highlight text, add external links, and more.

Add and check status updates

Our operators are totally selfish. They want to know everything that’s happening in your office so they can handle your calls better. We’ve added the ability to pass notes to the operators in the same section where you can edit your FAQs. Just scroll down the page, click Add new, and add a note for our operators. You don’t need to worry about forgetting to tell us to remove the note either. You can set it to self-destruct whenever you want.

Improvements to the operator rating system

We love how much our clients are rating our operators! It’s such a great way to pass feedback back to the answering service floor so that we can shape your service. We’ve made rating our agents even easier by adding the rating system to the call player. Now you’ll be able to hear our agents, see them, and rate them at the same time.

Quick status change + custom status labels

Here’s a quick one – how about the ability to change your status right from the main page? Done. Just click on any call status label from the main page of your call log and you’ll be able to change call status without clicking on the call. You can also click multiple calls at once to set the status.

If our status labels aren’t your box of chocolates, you can customize them! Just click Settings in the upper right corner of the screen and you’ll see where you can add custom status labels.

We’re always making updates to our system so check back here often. If any of these updates sound great, but you aren’t an SAS customer, you can sign up for our free trial to experience them for yourself. Happy calling!

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