6 benefits of outsourced outbound telemarketing.

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For the small business owner, time is a commodity. With a limited number of employees, it can be a challenge to get through your entire “to-do” list in one day. Far down on the list of musts should be outbound telemarketing. When you’re busy juggling inbound calls, staff meetings, and data entry, there isn’t much time left over to reach out to clients – unless it’s for collections. Why aren’t you outsourcing your telemarketing? Below are 6 reasons why you should be.

  1. It unburdens your in-house staff, and it’s more cost-effective. Not only does outsourced outbound telemarketing lighten your employees’ load, but contact center agents will likely reach double the number of people that your team can in the same amount of time, because they have a singular focus. The math is obvious. The more people you call, the greater the chance for a sale.
  2. There’s a greater chance for sale conversion. Many online retailers these days will link their websites to their call centers, so that all the consumer has to do is click a button, enter their call-back details, and they will receive a call from a customer service representative just itching to help them make a purchase.
  3. It keeps customers on your radar. Or vice versa. Consider car dealerships. After you go in for a test drive, sales personnel will make outbound calls to entice you to purchase or lease from their lots. They may even sweeten the deal by offering you a lower price than they initially quoted, throw in some upgrades, or complementary service plans – and it works.
  4. Some retailers use outbound telemarketing as a customer retention strategy. How many times have you received those “how did we do” calls, asking you to provide feedback on a recent customer service transaction? Showing buyers that you are not only interested in their opinion, but continuously striving to improve upon their shopping experience, is a great way to ensure customer loyalty. And statistics have shown that it costs less to keep a current customer than it does to try to capture a new one.
  5. Thank you. Those two words have a tremendous impact on your company’s reputation. When you make it a point to thank your customers for their patronage, you lay the ground work for future purchases. Not only that, but it gives you an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell. For example, you might thank a customer for their recent laptop purchase, then ask them if they would like to purchase an extended warranty or anti-virus protection. Think revenue.
  6. It’s a fabulous follow-up to mailers or email marketing. Take stock of your mailbox or email inbox. How many ads or messages are there from businesses you frequent alerting you to their most recent promotions? Then, think about how many of those ads you toss, and how many of those emails you delete. Outbound calls from retailers asking if you are aware of their special offers or sales are a smart way of getting you to buy in.

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