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Learn About Telemarketing Infographic

Telemarketing may seem like an annoying thing that companies do at the most inconvenient times (like when you're playing the speed round on Family Feud while cooking dinner), but it's actually a great tool for companies to utilize for several different reasons. Whether you're a small business looking for feedback on your…

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Telemarketing Agent

As a business owner, you're going to get two types of solicitation calls on your line: 1) live-operator telemarketing calls, and 2) robocalls. Live-operator telemarketing calls are exactly what they sound like - operators call through a targeted list of contacts, trying to solicit business. Robocalls, aka voice broadcasting, are automated messages,…

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Man Yelling in a Megaphone

For the small business owner, time is a commodity. With a limited number of employees, it can be a challenge to get through your entire "to-do" list in one day. Far down on the list of musts should be outbound telemarketing. When you're busy juggling inbound calls, staff meetings, and data entry,…

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Autodialer robot

You know how when election time rolls around, you get those pre-recorded calls from candidates with a message about a bunch of campaign promises that they almost never keep following being voted in? Those calls are made by an invention called the Auto Dialer. An auto dialer can automatically make calls from…

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