Infographic demystifying auto-dialer technology.

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You know how when election time rolls around, you get those pre-recorded calls from candidates with a message about a bunch of campaign promises that they almost never keep following being voted in? Those calls are made by an invention called the Auto Dialer. An auto dialer can automatically make calls from programmed lists of phone numbers. This comes in especially handy for emergency notifications, appointment reminders, prescription refill reminders, telemarketing, reactivating dead leads, and more.

The Auto Dialer works in one of two ways. It can play pre-recorded messages that the recipient will hear upon pickup, or it can connect a live operator to the call once a respondent has answered. Sometimes, it’s even combined with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for survey calls or more personalized interaction with the consumer.

Check out the infographic below for a quick overview (including information on installation requirements, types of autodialing, and a service provider assessment). If you want even more information on the technical side of the technology, check out our Auto Dialer research paper.

Infographic comparing autodialers

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