SAS uses infographics as to visually present information that may be too complex (or too boring) to be in written word or document form alone. Most infographics you’ll find on our website relate to the call center industry in general, with visualizations about how call centers work, the software behind call centers, characteristics of customer service representatives, and more. Below you’ll find all of the infographics we’ve posted on the Specialty Answering Service blog. We’ve also selected a few resources we think deserve attention.

Infographic Explaining PCI Compliance in Call Centers: Before you allow your answering service to process payments from your callers, it’s a good idea to make sure they’re PCI compliant first.

Visit Santa Claus’s Candy Cane Call Center: Take a super top secret tour of Santa’s workshop via our infographic!

What’s worse than researching PBX providers for your new office telephone system? Deciding on a new PBX phone system without referencing our easy to follow infographic for one! We love business phone systems; especially when those systems route to our call centers when your own staff is unavailable. Shameless plug for our…

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Looking for an infographic that compares VoIP providers? What a coincidence! We’ve just created said infographic and posted it below for your intellectual consumption. Being in the call center industry, we love all things telecommunication; so naturally we couldn’t resist the opportunity to create a gigantic poster that gives consumers visual access…

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If you are scratching your head about which voicemail provider to choose but don’t want to do the research, plus you like looking at pictures, this blog post is for you! We’ve researched the top 8 voicemail companies and organized the research into this easy to follow infographic. You’ll learn about voicemail,…

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