Infographic: Learn about IVR and compare the best providers.

Compare the Top IVR Providers

Love the simplicity of calling your bank whenever you want and getting your account information from an automated teller rather than having to wait for assistance from a live operator? The ease of automation is brought to you by Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, which allows computers to interact with the human voice.

IVR has a slew of benefits for callers as well as the call center, such as reduced hold times and the ability for customers to manage their own transactions 24 hours a day. In addition, it can reduce the number of live operators necessary at any given time, leading to a decrease in an answering services overall operating expenses.

If you are considering investing in an IVR system for your own small business, we’ve done a side-by-side comparison in this infographic. Our pros and cons guide can get you started. For extended information, please see our full comparison of IVR providers in our telecommunications library.

IVR Providers Infographic

<img title=”Compare The Best IVR Providers Infographic” alt=”Compare The Best IVR Providers Infographic” src=”https://www.specialtyansweringservice.net/wp-content/uploads/infographic-learn-about-ivr-compare-top-providers/ivr-providers-infographic.jpg” width=”710″ />
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