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Chalkboard Question Mark

So, you are shopping for a telephone answering service. But what should you be looking for? Check out our list of 24 things that every great answering service should do! You should have an answering service that can manage your inbound calls 24 hours a day. You should have an answering service…

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Closeup of Wimpy Guy

Shopping around for an answering service, or thinking of switching from the service you currently use? As technology advances and customers’ needs become more complex, you would be remiss if you didn’t consider an advanced call center to support your business. Here are four reasons why a wimpy answering service simply won’t…

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6 Business Owners

Anyone who is currently using answering services to support their business can extol its benefits in great detail. If you are on the fence about if outsourcing will work for your organization, then take a look below at 3 ways the right answering service can enhance your reputation for excellence. When you…

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Hanging Closed Sign

It’s the age-old quandary. If no one is in your office to hear the phone ring, does it make a sound? If someone is calling you after-hours, it doesn’t matter if the phone makes a sound or not. You are missing the call. And that is precisely why Specialty Answering Service supports…

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Overwhelmed small business owner

Jane is an amazing small business owner, but she can't do everything. Between answering her phones and responding to emails, she has no time to WOW new customers. The result: Jane is struggling with managing her small business and Mr. Jefferson bails on their scheduled meeting. But what if she was using…

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Yelling at the phone

When something goes wrong with my computer, I get angry. Oftentimes, I get irrationally angry, and start hitting things, which, I’m told, doesn’t actually help my internet connectivity as I would like it to. Unfortunately, the first person who I usually speak to in this state is my IT administrator. My IT…

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Andre Agassi Outsources Hair

Outsourcing. Turns out it’s not just for telephone calls. The rich and famous have been outsourcing for years! From "The Bachelor" to Cinderella, movie stars, athletes, and even a few of our favorite animated pals have looked to others for goods and services. Taking advantage of services that can be outsourced just…

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A confused guy

Not sure if your business needs an answering service? In case you were on the fence about outsourcing, here are 50 ways an answering service can help you do business, and make your life easier. 1. I am missing calls after-hours, and probably missing some leads. You may only work between the…

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Ghost with a phone

When we wrote this post a few weeks ago, we could never have guessed that one of “Ghostbusters” writers, Harold Ramis, would pass away. Harold Ramis’ subversive genius was responsible for a great many laughs we have had over the years. From “Stripes” to “Groundhog Day” to “Analyze This,” his brand of…

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