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Is your receptionist scaring potential customers away? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a professional live answering service. Check out this bad customer service video of a call center rep yelling at

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Updated July 2018: Please click on this link “The Ultimate HVAC business plan” to download the ebook. You love what you do, but you can’t stand your employer. So you’ve decided to

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Call Center software, also known as contact center software, is the technology that call centers and answering services use to not only route and answer calls, but to also provide your callers

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Accurate accounting is the backbone of every successful small business. Scratch that. It’s by far the most important part of running any small business. If your accounting is out of whack, your

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Finding the right source of funds to start up your small business can be hard. Besides having the next great idea, finding money to help grow that idea is usually the first

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We’ve all been there. By “there,” I mean the void between calling a business to get help and being stuck on hold. For an eternity. Then having the phone just hang up.

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Millennials are trending! The 75.3 million or so population of millennials communicate way differently than the Baby Boomer generation before them. While your mom loves to talk on the phone and dish

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Voicemail is a digitally recorded message stored in a digital mailbox – a best friend to all people who screen their calls and actively avoid their friends and family. If you call

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You know the phrase. “For quality assurance, your call may be monitored or recorded.” Those words ring out millions of times a day as consumers contact businesses for customer service and support.

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When you think about it, it costs an awful lot to fill your office with staff. We’re not just talking about the salaries that you’re paying. There are slew of expenses that,

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