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So, you're on the free trial of our answering service. Over the next 14 days, we want your experience with SAS to be even better than you expected! One of the best ways to ensure quality service is to pretend you are a customer and place test calls. This is especially useful…

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Anyone who is currently using answering services to support their business can extol its benefits in great detail. If you are on the fence about if outsourcing will work for your organization, then take a look below at 3 ways the right answering service can enhance your reputation for excellence. When you…

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As a manager, do you recognize your employees’ talents and engage their strengths to your benefit? If not, you should start. Take Rudolph for example. While the other reindeer were off playing games, Rudolph was just hanging around, his nose lit up like a Christmas tree. Sure, he could fly like the…

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For the small business owner, time is a commodity. With a limited number of employees, it can be a challenge to get through your entire "to-do" list in one day. Far down on the list of musts should be outbound telemarketing. When you're busy juggling inbound calls, staff meetings, and data entry,…

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Ah, the holiday season. It’s a magical time filled with twinkling lights, candy canes, and the madness of retail. Amidst all of the hustle and bustle, and shoppers knocking each other down for the latest deal, it’s easy for employees to become annoyed, leading to poor customer service and workplace misconduct. Not…

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You know how when election time rolls around, you get those pre-recorded calls from candidates with a message about a bunch of campaign promises that they almost never keep following being voted in? Those calls are made by an invention called the Auto Dialer. An auto dialer can automatically make calls from…

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Proper diction is as important to customer service as diapers are to a baby. In the answering service world, pronunciation is key. So how can you keep your customer service department speaking clearly? You'll need our pronunciation tongue twisters for starters. Tongue twisters, which are nonsensical phrases that rely on alliteration (the…

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It’s the age-old quandary. If no one is in your office to hear the phone ring, does it make a sound? If someone is calling you after-hours, it doesn’t matter if the phone makes a sound or not. You are missing the call. And that is precisely why Specialty Answering Service supports…

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Here’s everything you never knew you always wanted to know about the telephone. How many questions can you answer correctly? 1. What greeting was first used when answering the telephone? Speak! Hello! Ahoy! At your service! 2. What is one of the most common ways to disguise cell phone towers? It’s illegal…

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Do you know how you sound on the phone? Probably not. While some people may think they sound professional and helpful, others may hear something entirely different. Unless you are routinely listening to yourself, you may never know how professional, or not at all, you are. If you work at a professional call center…

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